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A Reflection in Written Perception.

A free verse poem, Tony Malzone

I hope it breaks you because only then it’ll shape you. I hope this is the hardest thing you’ve ever done, the hardest game you've ever won. Why is it that you can't seem to break it? That feeling like you didn’t make it. Like you didn’t act all tough when you were dragged through the rough. As if that wasn’t enough. I can’t imagine what it’s like, to get everything you could ever want, but you still can’t sleep at night. This passion is like a fight, it’s never enough, it never feels right. I wonder if when I’m old, I’ll give up the fight. Or just be content when I lay my head down at night. I don’t know and maybe I never will, but I’m still going to try as long as my heart will. There is no time that can replace, a smile on my face. These laughs I’ll never get back, or even these words, I can never erase. I still can’t believe I’m here. I took it farther than I ever saw clear, but most importantly, I always kept my heart near. Even beyond my darkest fear, there’s always more to the story, so for now I’ll just keep writing here.

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