• Tony Malzone

Becoming Yours.

A free verse poem, Tony Malzone

From enigma, grown with conviction and maverick. Not the same of course, but one that knows itself thinks independently and dependently on its creed. A creed they know, with conviction they bestow, the source of that is not of theirs, but the wiser. Speak not of your own you were shown, because the loudest who speak, speak not of their own. In the confines of there, and there is yours, you hailed what you need, you, and now your your’s. From the school of hard knocks, you accented to the throne — a pass to the north, like a ciudad, split from one of their own. Don’t allude to what was, or what could be there and now. A journey of a million stories but only one will live to tell the tale. The calm is loud when you see more than you can do. The equilibrium of consciousness, we’re all trying to aspire to.