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The Depths.

A Free verse poem, Tony Malzone

The call of the void. The fear of the depths. The echo chambers, forever they crept. The caves aren’t silent, a place unchecked. Reject of the expect, the expect you can detect. In the uncanny valley where the water doesn’t reflect. A place unchecked, but forever they crept. They crept on to inspect, they crept on with neglect. The caves are alive, its walls misdirect. But don’t listen careful, the sounds trisect. The subject of this, will never be met. We can’t understand, we can never connect. In a word like this, a map will inject. Inject the fear, of what we don’t expect. When the light is gone, and the sounds don’t make sense. The fear of the depths, then, they take effect. With three dimensions, you’ll lose your intentions, even worse when you give them the greatest attention. The superstructures with living spaces, don’t get lost, conceal your faces. A place unchecked, forever they crept. The fear of the depths, where you never expect.

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