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The Experiment Of Our Own.

A free verse poem, Tony Malzone

The experiment of the nations. The experiment to tell the story of our ages. To show that even with our fall from graces, we could still be the greatest. The greatest our world has ever known. The greatest for the free world, a world of our own. From the man with a dream, the idea is grown. The dream of our own. And the ones we dreamt about for when we're grown. An experiment that doesn't include a throne. The ones of representation from their own. Through generations we were shown, progress is one of our own. The cultures melted in the pot, sometimes dissipated into the unknown. But we want this place to welcome them, and take them in as our own. This land isn't ours but we stole it from them alone. Like any experiment, from idea, it was grown. As we learn we are shown, our wrongs don't always make things right. We can't always change the things we've done when we lay our heads down at night. But never the less and no matter height, we'll always continue to fight the good fight.

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