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The Home They Wanted To Build.

A free verse poem, Tony Malzone

A beacon of hope to many. An oppressor to many more. A stepping stone to opportunity. A blockade to many more. An occupier, enslaver, invader, and even killer. A place with a troubled history, but a future of progress. A place that is founded of the people, by the people, for the people, but only certain people. This place is not perfect, but it is home. A home where we welcome many, but shut the door for many more. A home that by our economic system, can sometimes force others to no longer have one. A home that sometimes feels as if it’s falling apart. A broken home, like the ones our youth grew up in. It’s home to many, and a home that needs improvement to many more. We are the experiment of what a free world could be. Democracy is fragile, we’re lucky to still have one. Use your voice, be the change you want to see. Go vote.

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