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The Lines Used Clever.

A free verse poem, Tony Malzone

It's about that place, then, and letters addressed to when. However it’s been, I don’t really care, we haven’t even seen you since, well, I don’t really know when. So what were we supposed to do? A lie you sold us, new. Too few and the older we grew. There wasn’t anyone else, we couldn’t believe you. The hallway, monogamy, and the trap door opened a false prophecy. The rust aged, the dust a-rage. It lived to tell the story, but it’ll never see its glory. And then back to the place, encased in the glass box, drawn on with black erase. You’ll never see through, it’ll never get to you. Like a lie, we sold you, new. Find a way out, I guarantee it’s beyond your doubt. I know you think you know what this is about. But trust me, your the one that’s out. We’ll live this forever. I’ll always use my words clever. Just read between the lines they told you, never.

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