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The New Way Of This.

A free verse poem, Tony Malzone

My words will last longer than my heart will. When my time has come and I am done. What will be left can never be undone. My passion is near, near in time. Who knows where it’ll be in a matter time. My words are forever, they’ll sit here on the paper, whatever my future endeavor. I try to write more, more of what's on my mind, to document the story and my passions for due time. As I grow old, I’ll wish there was more, more to explore and more to adore. But what is now I can’t complain. It’s everything I ever wanted, this wasn’t in vain. They taught me how to appreciate, this life I’ve come to live. Just leave it better than how you found it, promise me this. A new way of seeking, a new way of learning. This new way taught me this, and now I can’t fathom this future I’m yearning. A new way to see the humanity we share. I care so much about this life we all bear. I hope you read this, or maybe you don’t, just take something with you if only a quote. Think different, and never ever give up, your life is beautiful, tell your story, and may your passions always look up.

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