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The Right Fight.

A free verse poem, Tony Malzone

And that’s how the story goes. Where no one knows, forever it goes. The woes, some of which we never chose. There is plenty here, I wish we could share. In the distance fell a stare, of what never cared. Tomorrow need not be sorrow, because the story to bear can take you anywhere. Up there beyond the sun's glare, I can’t fathom, not even if I dare. I can’t wait to see that sight, to know what's right, to win the fight. But there’s more to this story, I made a life on my allegories. So make it right, because right now indeed, you can still win this fight. I know in the depths, lives the freight. The freight of the fight, and the fight to fit what's right. But for right now and for the better, and under the cloudy weather. The night leads to light, and you can only do your best, so make it right.

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