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The Time You Made Time.

A free verse poem, Tony Malzone

Bewildered by the complexities. The complexities of what is now. You’re here, astray it seems from what was then. You were there, luminous of what will and what could be. Every now and then you consider, the what if’s and the maybes. But now, now is the time for you. You’re here, and there is nowhere else you could be. You’re in the place you were waiting for, but not the place you expected. A blissful reminder that this is it. This is, the life. A call to mind the beautiful predicament of what is. What seems to be, is just to be. To be human is life, and life is just to be. We’ve explored the lands from the east to the west. We’ve split the atom, pondered the stars, and that’s not even our crest. Your time here is short, but with conviction, your life can change our intuition. You only get one chance. No, you can’t change it, but your time is yours, so never forget to make it.

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