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True To You.

Free verse poem, Tony Malzone

Your silence is quite disquieting. The loudest words speak quite and free. But which one could it be? An illusion of your intuition, or one that you'll never even see. It's pretty funny to think about what we'll be. In the silence of our own and free. Proud to be, the one of me, is not always the words of our own we see. We put doubt on our ideas and hide them away so the world will never know what they could be. As if it's something we should be ashamed to see. But what if you hide in the corner, put aside your ideas, and just grew older? A scary thought we were taught, just shut up and never give life a thought. "Things are the way they are", "You ask why too much", oh, and "You dream too far." Don't die in the existence that a cold world chose for you. You're better than what they told to you. Stronger than what they sold to you. You can do this if only your heart knew. You can do this, if only you stay true to you.

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