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Produced by Tony Malzone.

My creative work encompasses many. A human is the greatest art form, and the human experience is the greatest story. Humanity has defined creativity, and it is our creativity that defines us. Creativity has made us the most advanced species our world has ever known. It’s enhanced our human experience to know no bounds other than that of our own imagination. When we think of eras past, it's not the mundane that survives our memory, it's the progressive leaps in innovation and society. The bold statements in fashion, music, and film. The enshrining of significance in physical art, and architecture. One day, when everyone of today is no longer around, what will remain is what we did here, what we made here. There is an old saying, "Show, don't tell". It's the feeling that sticks. It's those unforgettable, "you just had to be there" moments. Great art is felt. So long as the feeling of an artist's work is felt, a piece of them lives on. This is what we live for. Human creativity is everything we’ve ever been and everything we could be in one cohesive story. Producing work that pushes the bounds of creativity and enhances the human experience is at the center of my belief that anything is possible and that at the center of our human development, will always be our creativity.

A great producer is the fluid intersection between

innovative creativity and technical strategy. Tony is a producer by practice, a true left-brain / right-brain thinker. From a young age, Tony beamed with expressiveness while maintaining a sharp mind for the strategical. Being a producer is where his mind shines brightest.

Tony is a producer/manager of films, shows, and talent. He has a demonstrated knowledge of development, financing, production management, and commercialization.

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