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Tony Malzone is an Arts & Entertainment Producer, Owner. He’s defined his career by producing and managing artists, projects, and organizations that push the bounds of creativity to enhance the human experience. Tony has a diverse background in the creative industry with work in art and architecture, fashion, TV and film, and the like. He's an advocate for public service and is frequently involved in humanitarian, conservation, and other work with governments and nonprofits. Tony's work encompasses many, and his statement of creativity is the guiding vision behind his work. His mission is to empower creativity to get creative with some of humanity's most complex problems. Tony is here to explore humanity’s story and help write our next chapter so that future generations can write a better one.

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Tony's work encompasses many, and his statement of creativity is the guiding vision behind his work.

It really felt like he has been working with us for years and knew exactly what we needed.


When Tony has a vision - he wastes no time developing and implementing it. He has been instrumental in reenergizing the Alumni Association at New Way Academy and is incredibly quick and receptive to feedback, collaboration, and long-term goals for both marketing and alumni relations. His fresh perspective and big-picture ideas are just what is needed to bring the Alumni Association of a 55-year private school to the next level; the amount of detail, positivity, and persistence he brings to the table is unmatched!

- Laura Murray,

(Former 2018-2022) Director of Marketing and Communications at New Way Academy

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Tony talks less, listens more, and when the time comes, he knows how to lead change and development. He creates clarity and energy. His energy for whatever he is teaching captivates. He has a unique ability to make some of the most complex ideas seem rather simple. If you’ve worked with him, you’ve seen Tony’s ability to bring teams together, make others feel heard, and most importantly, you’ve seen he knows how to get things done. He turns ideas into policy, strategy, and action. And he does it all with a very inspiring optimism.

- Jay Soni,

Co-Founder at Studio Soni

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Visit Tony's Linkedin & IMDb to see his prior and current involvements.

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