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produced by tony malzone


Tony Malzone is an Arts & Entertainment Producer, Owner. He is a producer/manager of films, shows, and talent and is an owner/partner of fine arts and brands. Tony says, "A human is the greatest art form, and the human experience is the greatest story." Tony's work amplifies the beauty in the human art form, and enhances the experience of our story.

Although his grandfather worked in television his whole life, Tony credits his long-time friend, Jay Soni, with introducing him to creative endeavors. As they moved into their young professional lives, Tony began managing Jay's artistic career as a painter and architect. During this time, Tony also explored smaller creative-focused jobs like marketing, and over time fell in love with talented people, the stories they create, and the moments they make. This passion reconnected him in his grandfather's footsteps and led him to work on the development of a mini-documentary series to be distributed with a major studio. This project ultimately did not come to fruition, but it catapulted his career to the center of entertainment and production. Shortly thereafter he began working on the set of productions for women's luxury fashion and fine jewelry photography. During that time, he had the privilege of working with ultra-high-end pieces at the haute couture level, as well as a number of celebrity partners such as; The Kardashian Family, Selena Gomez, Kelly Clarkson, and more. As time went on, he became associated with many other projects in arts & entertainment. Today, Tony’s love for talent, story, and the world is prevalent in everything that he does. He's honored to have had the privilege of working with some of the greatest talents of today, and he looks forward to continuing to produce extraordinary creative stories, and those, "You just had to be there moments."

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Tony is known for bringing great creative projects to life and holding ownership stakes in iconic arts & entertainment.

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