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A Bow.

A free verse poem, Tony Malzone

The midnight scent of a cigarette burn. And in that moment, a lesson to learn. Now this story right here is about to take a turn. But don’t wonder too much, don't try to discern. You're here and then now, too proud to take a bow. Sometimes you wonder, wish you could know how. You’ve been in the dark places, you’ve tried to erase this. But it's not going away, it's too permanent for your faces. The wrinkles are there, they’ll see it in your stare. When you stare at the stars and the lessons of there. The dark of the night, the terrible fright, when the light comes but you only see night. Who knows where that goes, the tunnel, unknown, the vision you once, once wanted to be shown. But as I said, you’re here and then now. Be a little bit proud, go on, take a bow.

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