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The Room With Four Mirrors

A free verse poem, Tony Malzone

My best is all I can give. To be here, live. At the end of the day, the day will end. And in the midst, I can’t understand. In the hallway of hell wherever it goes, turn the corner, what do you know? Where there’s someone there and a blank stare. I can’t wonder, not where. The light falls and the floor opens. I can’t talk, a room unspoken. Maybe I ask, or never will. Just be there, sit still. There's a light in the distance, something I’ll never see. The room with four corners, corners that cant be. Because we share the same space but inhabit different worlds. Is it a habit of mine to always be in another world? My mind plays this game, I guess I play along too. I wish you could know, what it’s like to see you. You're different now, we are. I’m only looking in the mirror, it seems so far. You feel like a stranger, a quiet ride in a car. We all want to be understood, no matter how deep the scar.

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