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To See Now To Be.

A Free verse poem, Tony Malzone

Three and more, I try to restore. But who even really knows anymore. In my head and the thoughts, I implore. Right to the mind, take it, explore. To me and who I try to be, it’s not always what I can see. Through the ways, I used to be, but the culture in the mind never comes free. Free to me and the one to be, forever this life, it’s one with me. 50 years up, 50 years down. An elevator, waiting to hit the ground. When the doors open, the voice spoken. The light of day, take it, a token. But who is it for, that I’ll never know. Like I said in a poem, just put on a show. A paragon to grow, the mind I can’t overthrow. Who even really knows, take this life, watch it grow. Because the places you’ve been, forever and when. Apart from then. This place, now, look, you’re here again. Because to a younger me, when you were free, this is the life you wanted to see. So take it from me, here's the key, go on, go be the one you always wanted to be.

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