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A Memory Still.

A free verse poem, Tony Malzone

Promise me this. Promise me that before you’re older, you’ll live a little bolder. You’ll take each step as if it were your last. You’ll laugh each laugh as if it’ll never be part of the past. Because one day this life, will give you the strife. To make the decision, the decision of your life. The decision to determine, whether you really lived your life without burden. So get rid of that baggage, it’s too heavy for your journey. Because when your journey is done, and theirs nothing more to come. You’ll look back at this life, and ask what have I done? Did I make things a little better, did I laugh until my face got a little redder? Don’t be still and watch the moments go by, be still in the moment and never say goodbye. It’s not a goodbye, just a see ya later. The memory in your mind, you saved for later. Cherish this life. I hope you will. Just always remember, our time is never so still.

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