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The Same Story for Another Allegory.

A free verse poem, Tony Malzone

Yea maybe I’m a little self-conscious. Maybe I spend a little to much time talking to my conscience. I hate to tell ya but I’m just being honest. And honestly, that's the part of me that always reminds me if this is really my prophecy. Because up over there beyond where I can see, is the truth they hide from me. I always say there’s more to the story, I even write about it in these allegories. I speak my mind, I take what is mine, and never mind the place in my mind that always reminds me of that place in time. But who could it be, why wouldn’t we, is there a better place we should’ve seen? But I’m going and you're gone too. I’ve got a new house, a beautiful view. I just wonder will I ever feel like I belong here too? But whatever, it’s nothing new.

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