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The Urban Circle Of Life.

A free verse poem, Tony Malzone

The urban circle of life. Urban blight, a late-night fight. The bodega on the corner servin morning delight. It's the people that'll put you through the strife, and at the same time remind you how much you appreciate this life. In a world of me me me, in this neighborhood, it's all community. The urban core has the same enemies. The red lines that split up the souls and the tenancies. Not much different from the misogyny, of the generation that made that their prophecy. A new day and economy. The gentrification in a large quantity. Displacing the heart of thee, but this is the place they wanna be. It wasn't always the best, but home is always better than the rest. This might be our biggest test, but in the end for this country, we're all just a guest.

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