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These Lands Anew.

A free verse poem, Tony Malzone

Home of the free, land of the brave. Free to enslave and brave enough to invade. To rewrite the story as if it were a lie. The trail of tears, tears away our whole reason why. To be free from the rule of the superior one, we segregated and indoctrinate the ones we thought were inferior to some. These lands were not ours but stolen from the ones, who invited us in and welcomed us as new ones. In return, we pillaged their lands and split up their cultures. This manifest destiny, a clandestine of the way we viewed the rest of thee. But with the audacity we still don’t accept, the ones at our border who seek a better life, and a future for when their children grow older. But what a contradiction, to steal the land and close the door to its vision. A vision of a government, a government united, only united by the vision of its most divisive. But this government is ours it’s ours for the ruling. We’re a democracy and we can build this place anew for our future ensuing.

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